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Little girl sitting in white briefs on the floor with wet hair is Unpopular by Red Deer Alberta.

Photography Burn Out is real.

The journey of Unpopular started about a year ago when I became bored with my personal work.  I have been shooting my children pretty much non-stop for the past 5.5 years and I have literally thousands of images of them.  The styles range from professional portraiture, to documentary photography, to more modern/fashion styles of photography – and this is not even counting the thousands of cell phone pictures I take yearly of the four of them.  I can’t help myself – photography is my drug and the more I take the more I want to take.  This though has led to a certain degree of burnout for my own personal creativity and has really inspired me to take a new road – one that appears to be quite unpopular.

I have been interested in forms for many, many years.  There is something amazing to me about the human body and how it is different for all of us.  Some of us are big, some of us are small.  Some heavy, some petite…some hairy, some bare.  We are all very different and when I look at children – which of course I do on a very regular basis I have begun to really look at them in a way I have not previously and have been enjoying them all individually so much more.  It is really easy as a photographer to get into the habit of looking for just that key thing that you know will sell an image.  Maybe a child has a beautiful smile, or perfect skin…or maybe they are just a little different looking which is perfect to set the image apart but at some point you start to only see those things and stop looking at the child and who they are rather then just how you can capture them so that you can make a great sale.  All photographers are guilty of this at some point – I am not alone I don’t think.  Our job is to create images that are meaningful to the people who are purchasing them – not to us.

This is the hardest time of year for photographers in Canada as well.  It is cold, dark still (though it is still bright out at 5:30pm right now so I am feeling optimistic that spring is just around the corner) and really hard to “embrace” right now.  The atmosphere in the winter when you photograph mainly outside is very unpopular with many people and families…not to mention the children that I am photographing.  Trying to get a child to participate when they are literally shaking they are so cold is no fun and just a waste of time in my opinion – unless you are going for a “frozen toddler” look to your images – which I doubt many people would pay for.  This also forces a few of us to really start thinking about how we can make something out of nothing at this time of year.

My children have always been my muses.  They have been groomed by me over many years to not fear the camera and to associate it with fun, treats and opportunity…as well as play time most often.  The girls are now used to getting all dolled up in beautiful outfits and the boys love the end result (current fee to rent my oldest for 45 min is $1 and a Kinder Surprise Egg).  They are always eager to participate and while my oldest is 5.5 years old now, my triplets are only 3 and they have a threshold of about 10-15 min tops for any photography session, so that puts even more pressure on to be creative and try to do something genius which is near impossible when you are working with little independent people who are JUST starting to understand and exercise their rights and ability to say NO when they get the whim.

So this brings us to where I have been the last few weeks.  My oldest triplet Alora has been a spit fire since the day she was born.  I remember when she was pulled out of me so clearly during my c-section.  I remember being able to breath for the first time in months as she was laying directly on my diaphragm and then the sound of her cry.  She never had that newborn cry that is lusty and high pitched – no – Alora sounded like a fog horn right from day one.  I smile while I write that because it is not meant to be mean, it is just an accurate description and since that day she has always walked to the beat of her own drum.  She is incredibly smart, resourceful and kind but is also full of drama and can make a pouty face better then ANYONE on earth.  It is a signature now and one of my most favorite things to ask her to do in front of the camera.  The image that I wrote this post about is one that took us about 2 minutes to capture and about 15 for me to edit.  It is such a basic image that focuses on her form, her age and her innocence, as well as the frailty of childhood as a whole.  You cannot ignore the fact that as society moves faster and faster we see children losing out on the very essence of what makes it magical.  The essence of this image was to show the frailty of childhood in all its glory…but that is not what I received online when I asked for constructive criticism of this portrait.

Into the Lions Den – the making of Untitled into Unpopular. 

I will quite often submit my images into large Facebook groups for ‘CC’ which is short for Constructive Criticism.  It is always a crap shoot in those groups.  I have seen images go viral in them that are technically terrible and I have seen beautiful, well planned and executed images go without even a ‘like’ so I didn’t expect this particular image to be extremely mind-blowing in the group.  So I submitted it and waited and to be honest, it had about 90 likes by the end of the whole posting experience (which is not too bad, however there is over 120,000 members in this group) but the conversation was extremely eye opening.  Over the course of 9 hours that it was quite active, I had comments left to me like these:

  • “Sorry – this looks like an ad for a child neglect charity”
  • “It’s creepy”
  • “She looks like she is waiting for lice to be removed from her head”
  • “I don’t like it”
  • “Terrible”
  • “This is disturbing”
  • “Not for me”
  • “Distasteful” and the list went on and on…

I would say that out of 106 comments just from this one group, I would estimate that at least 75% of them were fairly negative towards this image – which as you can see is as plain as day.  Many people felt violated by even viewing it and you could certainly come to that conclusion just by reading the same comments over and over.  One person even suggested that she was starved because you could see her backbone and that really made me feel sad.  Another group member commented that when pretty much anyone is bent over in that position you can see the spine – thin people, heavy people, children, adults…it doesn’t matter – backbones are visible in that position.  Everyone can see that she is petite but she clearly is fed – I want to clear that up right away.  She eats like a horse when she wants to – she is just naturally petite like all of our four children.

What I learned.

I have always been an academic and when I went through my social work program at the University of Calgary back in 2004 I learned to always reflect on an experience and make sure that it was fully processed to extract as much meaning as possible from it.  It is a great practice that I wished more people would do – think about their actions and statements after the fact and try to learn something from the process or experience but sadly many people do not take the time to do that and in my opinion lead pretty unfulfilling lives as they never feel that they need to grow and change as time marches on – that however is a long topic for another day.

Reflecting on this image from its creation to its impact in a relatively large group it expressed two different very important things for me to consider going forward.

The first thing I took from it was that the general public finds it very hard to accept images of children that are not “happy”.  I have been taking beautiful, award winning portraits for years now across different photography genres and the desire to move away from the status quo is quite hard.  It is ok to see the same style of images OVER AND OVER through social media – you know the ones I am speaking of.  Children photographed beautifully with impeccable editing and tone and emotion – happy emotions.  The emotions I normally read in said images is “happy”, “contemplative”, “pretty” and “interesting” but that is where it ends.  The only time you see images of children not falling into these categories is when you are viewing documentary photography – usually from war-torn places where children have guns pointed in their faces or are literally starving to death.  We accept these images as “sad” but the general public refuses to consider them artful in many respects, much like this very small sample size refused to recognize this as art.

A handful of people did appreciate it and went as far as to consider it “genius” as one person put it.  The simplicity and lighting painted an image for her that was breathtaking and many people agreed with her perspective.  I find it very flattering that a handful of people appreciated it for what it was meant to be but so interested so many people were repulsed by it.

The second thing I learned from posting this image is that it was quite telling about the current state of negative opinion currently in our world.  So many people were unable and unwilling to look past their initial gut reaction and try to see it in a different way and in a different light.  While I don’t often mince words, I do always try to give people the benefit of the doubt when they say something objectionable.  What is lost however – and why I try to never take much of anything serious online – is because you CANNOT convey tone, emotion or body language through the written word unless you pad it excessively which to me is a total waste of time.  We read the comment and move along – it is an opinion and that is ok.  The problems begin when you do not have that filter and you cannot just read a statement without inflicting tone and opinion on how you believe the person who wrote it means.  Comments like the ones I was provided with would devastate someone proud of their work, who loved and cherished their work and submitted it with all the pride in the world to only be torn down by the negative.  Who looks at a child who is sitting, minding her business and thinks – that clean child is the victim of abuse and is about to have lice pulled out of her hair – really???  That is pretty brutal – face to face no one would ever dare say a comment like that to an artist.  

The future…

I am terrified.  Here I am raising two boys and two girls in a society that places so much emphasis on “looks” and the need to tear down the images of children for no reason except that they feel like they should.  I did ask for it – correct?  That gives people permission to criticize and name call a toddler – not even 3.5 years old yet.  Starved – anorexic – abused – dirty – sad – cold – alone – all words used to describe a child who is turned three quarters from the camera with her head held high and just waiting.  

Just in case…

If this image was a trigger for you, the social worker in me needs to know that you are ok and you have the access necessary to feel better about yourself and your life.  Lots of people who see this image have explained to me the pain it brought to them as they remembered their own painful childhoods and while the image was created to illicit feeling – being responsible for your healing is something that can take a lot of time and steps to achieve.  I came across a website called Your Life Counts and if you click on the hyperlink it will take you to an area where you can find help.  

Thank you again and please feel free to leave me a note – positive or negative about this image and how it effected you if it did.  I am always honoured and appreciate all comments you choose to leave me.  

Have a beautiful day,


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Little Girl SmilesLittle girl smiles at the camera using First Blush philosophy near Red Deer Alberta

Little girl smiles are one of the purest things I have come across since I started my photography business almost 9 years ago.  The little girls I usually work with are typically pretty excited about pictures with First Blush Photography because they know that they get to be themselves, get dressed up all pretty and most of all HAVE FUN.

The philosophy of First Blush Photography is to not ask kids to smile…its to make them smile.  Pretty simple concept isn’t it?  Yet the way I have experienced my own children’s photography in the past few years is that many photographers become frustrated very quickly when they cannot get the children they are photographing to look or smile with them.  Even making eye contact with the camera can be an expectation that is really not that reasonable depending on the age of the child.

If you think about it, there is a LOT happening during a photography session.  You have a photographer that they child/ren may or may not know, you have stress, you have new clothes, parents are often yelling at the kids forcing them to smile, kids have to pee or poo…there is just lots happening that normally is not squeezed into an hour or so.  The photographer gets frustrated when the kids are not participating and that tension is felt by the parents which is definitely felt by the kid(s).  This is not good and will never produce an image that you will love and cherish forever – you will likely want your session to be finished as quick as possible and the images you will ‘maybe’ use on Facebook just until the next try later on in the year (maybe).

What a waste of time, money and energy

In my almost 9 years of business, I have had only one bad experience with children.  It was a session I did for a family with a new baby and the two brothers were NOT into having their images taken.  They pulled faces, didn’t engage, couldn’t be bribed and despite my best efforts it just didn’t work out that well.  We ended up reshooting some of the session and they still were bombarding me with poor behaviour.  Was this the children’s fault?  Not at all.  Was it the parents?  No – I don’t blame them either.  I learned a lot from those two boys and it was that day of the reshoot that I really discovered that how I did photography worked for many people, but not for all.  Those boys were bing asked to participate in something that they did not consider fun and were bored…clearly from the faces they were making.

The First Blush Philosophy

As mentioned above, First Blush Photography has it’s own philosophy when it comes to working with anyone, but really…most importantly…kids.  I don’t ask for kids to smile…I make them smile.  The quality of the image increases ten fold when you capture a genuine smile and genuine actions rather then forced.  I certainly do not blame newer photographers for this…even seasoned photographers for not using the methods I subscribe to.  It takes time and practice and figuring out what works best for you as a photographer and a person.  Long before I was a photographer I was a Social Worker and worked in the field for about 8 years before leaving as frankly I cannot afford child care for my oldest and triplets.  I understand people and always felt like I excelled at it until I had that experience with the two boys.  Taking time to craft my sessions how I have allows me to capture moments…not smiles alone and I am rewarded for this handsomely as children and families leave their sessions feeling energized, happy and relaxed.  I have countless customers contact me with cute musings from their children like when school pictures are coming up and their kids ask if I will be doing their pictures – or when mom just wants a few short pictures in a Christmas outfit and they pout because they are not going to visit Suzie.

Child wearing Mardi Gras mask with pink feathers smiles at the camera using Make them smile Philosophy.

Circus Fine Art Session

This session I captured way back last summer was beautiful from the very start.  I arrived a little late as I was on the search for sandbags and in Alberta, Canada it is REALLY hard to find sandbags in the middle of summer – much harder then I thought it would be actually.  I knew though that we were up for two good hours of light so it wasn’t a huge dilemma as far as my shooting went.   The little girl that I was photographing that night is one of my oldest son’s longest friends – she is his old babysitters daughter and there is only about 6 months between the two of them.  They don’t get much chance to visit now as she lives in the next town over and don’t attend school together but when they get together they are like old buddies that see each other daily.  They love to play together and converse in the special way that 5 year olds do – and the smiles they give each other…its adorable.

I had bought string lights way back in the spring and it was finally time to use them.  I rigged them up while she got ready with the help of her dad (mom was helping a friend move) and we got started.  Now, this little girl has been a customer of mine since she was old enough to sit up really, so she knows me fairly well and is used to Aunti Suzie asking bizarre things of her in the name of photography, which is awesome.  In fact I always sigh and cringe a little when parents tell me that their now 6 or 7 year old child has never been photographed before, except at school and the occasional cell phone picture.  If you want good pictures of your children as they age, get them used to the camera…but this is a blog post for another day.

Little girl dressed in a tutu and feather headband stands on a red chair with smiles thanks to Make them smile philosophy.

I had this beautiful child dress up, dress down and do many different things during the course of the session that lasted about 35 minutes or so (just the right amount of time is also very important).  She was a professional as usual and seemed to enjoy every second of it…and you know how I know she did…look at the smiles she gave me.  Nothing forced, nothing boring…just a fast paced session with the child in mind and heart.

Now here is the fun part.  Often – many dads sit on the sidelines and just watch, happy to help or offer assistance, or just sit because they are bored, but this little one’s dad was involved from the very beginning, offering a hand, water, extension cords and whatever else I needed.  At the end of the session I asked him if he wanted an image with his daughter and he said yes…but he had to get something first.  The next thing I know he has returned with a wooden office chair and a model shotgun and a doll…and yes…I am sure the expression on my face was priceless.  Dad explained that he really wanted a picture of him sitting with his gun and his daughter sitting on the grass with her doll with the composition creating the idea that he was protecting her and that boys should stay away.

I loved it so we did it.

Little girl smiles and sits on the grass by her watchful father near Red Deer Alberta.

A huge thank you to both Mom and Dad as well as their Little Miss who never fails to blow me away with her beauty, charm, humor and general disposition.  She is kind, funny and always has smiles for me.  I am a very lucky lady.

Have a beautiful day –


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  • Thank you so much Karen! I am so glad you love them!

A love that lasts forever – Sisters in Bentley, AB

Big sister kisses little sister on the head near Bentley, AB

I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity in my life to photograph children for a living, but when I get to photograph siblings like these two sisters, it really puts the icing on top of the cake.  Bentley, Alberta and the surrounding areas all the way to Red Deer, Alberta always provides such a beautiful backdrop for my sessions – there definitely is something to the statement “its all about the setting”.  Children playing in their natural element is one of the most beautiful ways to create moments that you cannot get any other way and for many years as a social worker I worked with kids and learned how to make them laugh when they didn’t have anything to laugh about.  I am not a miracle worker by any means, but asking a child to smile or pose ‘may’ create the image that you are going for, but it will rarely top the image that will come from just letting your children be themselves, naturally and in a relaxed and happy fashion.

Two sisters dancing in Bentley, AB in the summerSisters dancing in dresses by Red Deer AlbertaSisters dancing in the grass near Bentley, AB.

Things Change.

What I didn’t know at the time of this session was that the family dynamics were going to change drastically in the upcoming months for these two sisters and would force their relationship to be altered significantly forever.  I now when you first read something like that you think “ahhhhhhh – what happened?” as dread fills your chest, but in this instance, nothing bad was happening at all.

Girls stands on chair with dove flying towards itSmall girl sits on chair near Bentley, AB

These two little girls were going to be welcoming a new baby SISTER to the mix in January/February of 2015.  I seriously had no idea – my girlfriend (the mom of these precious girls) looked as beautiful as ever and after having carried a triplet pregnancy to 35 weeks and 3 days, unless you literally look like you are having an elephant I don’t tend to pay attention.  I personally feel women become more and more beautiful as they bear children and I know for myself my body has changed significantly so little changes in weight and shape have zero impact on me.  Oh my goodness…I think I may have just turned into a man – haha.  In all seriousness though, I just don’t notice maybe hoping no one notices the 10lbs/child I have gained since getting married a long time ago in 2006.

Sisters facing each other on the ground giggling near Bentley, ABLittle girl twirling and leaning back near Bentley, ABA little girl spins in the grass near Bentley, AB

First Blush Photography Fairytale Closet

I think that this was one of the most beautiful, naturally fun sessions I have ever had with two little girls near the Bentley, Alberta area.  I like to add a very personal touch to each session I complete and for this one both girls selected Tutu Du Monde dresses from the First Blush Photography Fairytale Closet.  I have been collecting dresses for the past two years, filling it with beautiful dresses that fit between 12 months and age 7 (depending on size and style of dress selected) and to be honest, the wardrobe changes everything.  I have YET to have a little girl use any dress from the Fairytale Closet and protest getting dressed.  Getting it off of them is another story though and it warms my heart to see little girls stand in awe of the beauty that they will get to use for their session.  Dresses for use are free with a full session booking from Bentley, Alberta to wherever you need them to go.  It is a beautiful thing to allow your little girl to be a princess for a day – its impossible to not feel like a princess in a dress that averages between $80-$300 USD.

Sisters hug each other near Bentley, ABLitter sister kisses big sister on the cheek near Bentley, ABSisters laying on their backs looking up at the camera near Bentley, ABLittle girl sits on a chair looking sideways and holding a rose near Bentley, ABLittle girl walking towards the brighter side of the screen by Bentley, AB.Two sisters sitting together in Bentley, ABTwo sisters stand beside each other and blow glitter at the camera near Bentley, AB

These types of sessions are not just a “session” and images like this are what I like to refer to as Heirloom Images – images that will be passed down from generation to generation, only growing in sentimental and emotional value every year they exist.  Almost nothing in this world can come with a guarantee like that and to me that is worth it.

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  • Thank you so much Deanna. It becomes pure magic when they feel like a princess.

  • Thank you so much Becky – mom and dad loved it which made it so much more important.

  • Thank you so much Nikita!!!

  • Kaylee – I don’t camp! Lol – it must have been someone else! Lol.

Child Trafficking Reality.

Child trafficking and a child that has been caged in an old style bird cage waiting.

According to Unicef, in 2002 there was 1.2 children who were victims of Child Trafficking.  One point two MILLION children who were taken from their families for many reasons – however many of which are for sexual purposes including the creation of child pornography, rape, slavery and the list disgustingly goes on and on to include other reason such as forced labor, domestic work and to become child soldiers.  This topic is very important to First Blush Photography and the Red Deer Photography community in a whole.

What does Child Trafficking refer to?  According to the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially in Women and Children (2000), is the “recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of children for the purpose of exploitation.  It is a violation of their rights, their well-being and denies them the opportunity to reach their full potential.” (sourced from – please click on the hyperlink for more information).

These crimes do not just happen away from the cozy home that you live in with your precious children.  While it is true that many children that are involved in human trafficking are in countries outside of North America, there are thousands of children who are abducted each year who are taken against the will of the parents (or in some circumstances for payment to said parents) and sent to different parts of the world mostly to satisfy the growing and insatiable desire for younger and younger victims right from your province or state – never to be seen again.  In one such article I read while researching this blog post, Canada was listed on it and in 2009 it was reported that there was upwards of 9,000 sexual assaults against children (whom many belong to Aboriginal communities) in Canada.  Other countries that ranked high on the list was the United States of America, Brazil, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Why would Red Deer Photography company First Blush Photography create an image of abuse like this?

So why do an image that is impacting so many people online negatively?  I posted this image in many feedback groups that I am part of and I consistently got the same reply over and over and over – “it’s disturbing”, “unsettling”, “I hate it” topped the lists that were created as people viewed this image and could not compartmentalize that while it is considered Conceptual Photography, it has hit a nerve with many people.  It is a sad image – I don’t deny that whatsoever.  The idea of a small 3 year old, frail toddler being jailed for the purpose of whatever is on her captor’s mind at the moment s/he collects her for that brief moment of rescue is devastating.  Actually that is incorrect – it is disgusting and truly unsettling which invokes feelings and emotions in those who view it and in my definition, I consider that great art.

While I am often moved by amazing images of pleasant things – children, kittens, babies, sunshine, flowers, etc. it is only one facet of our existence on earth and so many of us have what others would consider amazing lives.  We are whole – we work, we have families and we have access to the very basics of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Let’s face it already – if you are reading this post you have access to a computer or smart phone with internet so you likely have some degree of belonging to society.  But what about the part of society that we don’t see and don’t access?  What about all of the people on earth who suffer, are trapped and somehow survive their reality on a day to day basis?

I have always been drawn to the ‘untold’ aspect of life and while I have a bachelor of Social Work degree I am still drawn to help those and bring awareness to those hidden and ‘dirty’ parts of society that it is hard to talk about.  No one wants to imagine, at this very second in this world multiple children are being sold, raped and tortured – not to mention the thousands of women over the age of 16 who are also being exploited in mass numbers while the appetite for younger, newer and ‘cleaner’ slaves are in extremely high demand around the world.  Human Trafficking and Child Trafficking is a terrible reality that no one should turn a blind eye on.  It is the very worst degree of exploitation and destroys children forever.  I read an article a month or so ago about a women who was trafficked for many years and was raped over 7,000 times and while I cannot source that article during the time of writing this, please know that you do not recover ever from the psychological, physical and emotional scars that the repeated rapes, beatings and being drugged almost constantly has on the body and soul.

Time to act.

So are you outraged?  Mad?  Disgusted?  Sad?  Crying as you read this?

I hope so.

Do something about it though – just don’t sit there wiping your eyes looking for a reasonable distraction.  Maybe consider donating to one of the many different organizations that are trying to combat this endless concern or even volunteering at a local level with a women’s shelter or emergency services office.  Just do something – no matter how small or insignificant because bringing awareness to this issue will spawn more and more fighters to the cause and hopefully one day we can put our heads to our pillows at night knowing that no HUMANS are being trafficked at all.

A list of top leading organizations can be found here (click on me).


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  • That will be fixed today – thank you for the update that it is still not working. Child Trafficking is such a huge problem in this world – hopefully this blog post will help to inform the people in and around Red Deer Alberta.

First Blush Photography Donated over $2000 to

the TTMAC in 2015 between cash donations and

the Christmas Party.

For the past three years I have had the opportunity to give back to a non-profit that means a lot to me – the TTMAC.  TTMAC stands for the Twin, Triplet and More Association of Calgary and I have been a member of them since I found out I was expecting my triplets way back in very early 2012.  Finding out your expecting triplets is an experience that many people will never hear and certainly something I never thought I would hear from anyone I knew let alone my Doctor.

The TTMAC is an organization in Calgary, Alberta that provides support, friendship, activities and other opportunities to parents who were over achievers and had two or more children at one time.  I have had wonderful experiences with this club from trips away to Canmore, Alberta to more of a Staycation style event where we stay locally and enjoy the festivities and businesses around us in Calgary.  Most importantly though, I have made some amazing friends, some of which talked me off a ledge many times during my pregnancy.  I was so overwhelmed and every accessory I looked at for triplets I felt made me look like a total freak show, from triplet infant carriers (two in the front, one in the back) to the long choo-choo style strollers that an average person wouldn’t be able to avoid staring at.  I was expecting triplets and I couldn’t even help but to stare.

TTMAC helps take the confusion and terror out of a multiple pregnancy.

The TTMAC members I became connected to help normalize my pregnancy and make me feel whole again by being connected with a handful of other triplet mom’s and so many wonderful twin moms.  I was fully supported despite living about two hours away and turned many of those ‘Facebook Friends” into life long friends that I am still so thankful I met.

Taking pictures at the TTMAC Christmas Party is a commitment that I volunteered for around three and a half years ago and I have been part of this awesome event three times now.  Each year it is a little different but it is a wonderful way to give back to the organization each December – after all, who doesn’t like a great Santa picture?

I also had the opportunity this year to make a couple of other donations after a very busy year with some amazing TTMAC families that took advantage of several image sessions that I ran for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Fall this year.  I still wanted to give more back then I took in support and appreciation for this community, so with each session I captured for these three events I wanted to contribute some money back to help the social efforts that mean so much to all the members who regularly participate in them and during the fall retreat in Canmore at the beginning of November, First Blush Photography donated a FULL MINI SESSION worth $399 as well as a check for $1000 from all of those beautiful sessions.  That brought with the Christmas Session time commitments and product up to around $2000 this year from First Blush Photography – money that I hope will bring a lot of fun and joy to the members of the TTMAC.

Santa Pictures for ALL!

The Santa pictures this year were a lot of fun to do and was it ever different this year having only one party to shoot instead of several.  Santa was very jolly though and for the most part I think most of the kids really enjoyed their visit.  Ok – I lied – lot of kids were horrified and screaming the entire time, but that IS the classic holiday picture am I right?  Every parent looks forward to the day their kids look at Santa and scream bloody murder as he gently and calmly asks what they want for the most festive of seasons.

Things to remember about these years images:

1)  The images are perfect for the moment.  Some of you guys have children that are crying, some happy, some sad…some completely indifferent – lol.  A Santa picture is perfect no matter how your kids look.

2)  The decorations were completely out of my control – as well as the wrinkles in the back drop.  It was a challenging location this year as the space was quite different being in a tent but with a little editing magic they look just awesome.

3)  Everyone is sharing the same link so please be respectful of the images that are not yours.  Please DO NOT download images that are not yours and just enjoy the gallery.  There would be no way I could get these back to you in a timely manner by sending them out individually and that just would not do at this time of year.  To access the images just follow the link and when you open the gallery of all the images of the day find yours and then at the top of the right hand corner you will see an option to download.  Click it and it should start automatically.

4)  If your interested in my sprucing up your photo (further corrections like blemish removal, smoothing out a few extra pounds, etc.), removing the watermark and providing a resolution around 8×10 I can and the price is $25/image plus GST.  This is certainly not a requirement, however an option a few people enjoyed last year so I wished to offer it again.

5)  The link will be active until the end of December so that should provide you enough time to download and back up your images.  If you loose your image I will retain a copy but there will be a $20 fee to re send it to you.

Did you know that ALL TTMAC families receive 10% off of their session order???

Thank you again so much for the support this year from the bottom of my heart.  I know it is a dual appreciation situation, but the majority of my business comes from TTMAC members and that in turn keeps my children clothed and some food on the table in our home.  Your support is so very important to me which is why I enjoy doing the Christmas party every year in the hopes for everyone to get a small thank you from me.  I look really forward to next year and hope that everyone enjoys the holiday season and stays safe and healthy for the New Year.

All the best for 2016 my friends – life wouldn’t be as happy without all of you.

Best Wishes,

DOWNLOAD LINK for Christmas Party Images:

Santa sitting with two female volunteers sharing cookies and a bottle of wine at the 2015 TTMAC Christmas Party.

The Afterparty.

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